Kitchen Utensils

Cambridge | Pizza Cutter | PC0711


Cambridge Pizza Slicer ( Cutter ) Wheel Stainless Steel (Silver) sharper & larger stainless steel blade Cuts more than pizzas - Can be used on any food that you want...

Cambridge | Pizza Lifter | PL0611


Introducing the Cambridge Pizza Lifter PL0611, a culinary companion meticulously crafted to simplify the art of pizza handling. This innovative tool is purpose-built for pizzas, offering a seamless and secure...

Cambridge | Lemon Squeezer | LS1011


Introducing the Cambridge Lemon Squeezer LS1011 – your reliable and efficient kitchen companion for effortlessly extracting fresh lemon juice. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this lemon squeezer is designed to...

Cambridge | Greatner | GR0911


Introducing the Cambridge GREATNER GR 0911 – a sleek silver, stainless steel gadget designed to simplify your culinary tasks. This versatile tool is specifically engineered for grating cheese and soft...

Cambridge | Egg Beater | EB0311


Introducing the Cambridge Egg Beater EB0311 - a versatile kitchen tool designed to enhance your mixing and culinary experiences. With its stainless-steel construction, user-friendly design, and versatile capabilities, this egg...

Cambridge | Brush Half | BR012


Introducing the Cambridge Half Brush BR012, a cleaning essential that takes comfort, safety, and convenience to the next level. With its user-friendly features and focus on hygiene, this brush is...

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