Safety Tips

- Regularly check the power cords

Make sure all wires, cords and plugs on your appliances are not worn out and that the plugs have 3-prong grounded connections.

- Avoid extension cords in the kitchen

Don’t use extension cords in the kitchen. It will helps avoid water/electrical shock accidents.

- Get rid of broken appliances

Get rid of any appliance that is broken or damaged. New ones are very inexpensive these days. If a new one would bust your budget, try garage and tag sales (just make sure you’re not buying somebody else’s broken appliance).

- Take extra care when using sharp blades

Ensure appliances are unplugged before touching sharp edges (blenders, can openers, mixers, etc.) Exercise caution while handling detachable parts or reaching into units. Many of the metal parts and units have very sharp edges which can cause severe injury.

- Disconnect the power source while handling parts of the appliances

Please be sure to disconnect all electrical power to the unit before you remove any of the access panels or attempt to perform any maintenance procedures. Always consult a professional to assist you.

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