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Cambridge | Fan Heater | FH1


Introducing the Cambridge Fan Heater FH1 – a testament to elevated heating performance. Equipped with two air flow speeds and adjustable heat control, this heater redefines flexible warmth for every...

Cambridge | Garment Steamer | GS05


Introducing the Cambridge Garment Steamer GS-05 – the epitome of powerful and efficient clothing care. Engineered to provide wrinkle-free clothes with ease, this garment steamer boasts a large water tank...

Cambridge | Vacuum Cleaner | VC106


Introducing the Cambridge VC-106 Vacuum Cleaner, an embodiment of exceptional cleaning prowess designed to redefine your cleaning experience. This vacuum cleaner is a testament to power, convenience, and modern design,...

Cambridge | Steam Iron | ST782


Introducing the Cambridge Steam Iron ST782, a powerful and versatile appliance meticulously designed to elevate your garment care routine with efficiency and precision. This steam iron is a testament to...

Cambridge | Heavy Dry Iron | SKU | DI435


Experience smooth and efficient ironing with the Cambridge DI435 Automatic Dry Iron. Engineered for convenience and quality, this iron is designed to make your ironing tasks easier and more efficient....

Cambridge | Heavy Dry Iron | DI4346


Introducing the Cambridge Heavy Dry Iron DI4346 – a compact powerhouse with remarkable ironing capabilities. Featuring a robust 1000-watt body and a substantial weight, this iron effortlessly tackles wrinkles, making...

Cambridge | Washing Machine | WM999


Introducing the Cambridge Washing Machine WM 999, a dependable companion that streamlines your laundry routine with its powerful motor and durable plastic body. Say goodbye to the complexities of laundry...

Cambridge | Parabolic Heater | PH008


Introducing the Cambridge Parabolic Heater PH008, a cutting-edge solution designed to infuse your space with instant warmth and coziness. Crafted for efficiency and comfort, this heater transforms the ambiance of...

Cambridge | Halogen Heater | HH407


Introducing the Cambridge Halogen Heater HH407 – a source of instant warmth and ultimate comfort. Boasting powerful heating capabilities and adjustable heat settings, this heater swiftly and efficiently warms up...

Cambridge | Halogen Heater | HH405


Introducing the Cambridge Halogen Heater HH405 – an embodiment of efficient and effective heating. Featuring instant heat functionality and adjustable heat settings, this heater empowers you to tailor the warmth...

Cambridge | Halogen Heater | HH13


Introducing the Cambridge Halogen Heater HH13 – a perfect fusion of convenience and comfort. This advanced heater seamlessly blends instant heating technology and adjustable heat settings to create a cozy...

Cambridge | Fan Heater | FH006


Introducing the Cambridge Fan Heater FH006 – an embodiment of efficient heating and adaptable comfort. Featuring adjustable airflow speeds and variable heat control, this heater is designed to meet your...

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