— Where can I find a service center?

Please contact us at +92-330-4133349 on Whatsapp and our customer service team will guide you accordingly.

— Where, and how can I claim my warranty?

Please contact us at +92-330-4133349 on WhatsApp and our customer service team will guide you accordingly.

— How do I clean my stainless-steel appliance?

We recommend using a stainless-steel cleaner and wiping it clean with a microfiber cloth. You can also use hot soapy water.

— How do I get rid of a scratch on my stainless-steel appliance?

For smaller scratches, we recommend using an approved store-bought copper cleaner solution to buff it out. You can also use a stainless-steel polish. For deeper scratches, wet sandpaper can do the trick. If you're unsure about this DIY solution, we recommend hiring a local professional to handle this for you.

— Should I choose gas or electric appliances?

Choosing between gas or electric appliances is mostly based on preference. However, make sure to check that you have the capabilities either way! Depending on where you live, gas appliances can be cheaper in terms of utility cost. Electric appliances are typically better for a more precise temperature control. In terms of cost, gas appliances are usually a bit cheaper.

— Who can I call if I need appliances serviced?

The first place to contact is Cambridge Appliance's customer service team! Our representatives are knowledgeable about the appliances you’re interested in and can lead you in the right direction.

— How do I know that the internal water container of my appliance is free of germs?

Cambridge’s Appliances come with a stainless steel tank designed using antibacterial, food-grading material, which makes sure that the water stored in the internal water container is not contaminated. The water taps and the drip tray are all designed using the same food-grading material.
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